Obama Shocks World, Ends Vacation on Time!

Was anyone really surprised when the President, leader of the left, sunk to another new low today when his administration announced Obama would finally give his jobs speech?  So what it is placed on the same night Republican Candidates have planned a nationally televised debate.  What other time in the entire future could this speech have occurred?  You idiots Obama is vacationing.

How can Republicans be so asleep?  This is a golden opportunity to support the President.  Every Republican candidate, and Hillary, should be featured in every media outlet possible speaking in anticipation of this speech.  All of you should talk about the upcoming speech and emote about all the implicit pain forced upon you in anticipation of waiting until Obama returns from vacation to finally perform another prime time teleprompter reading.

Republican candidates and Hillary, get out there and talk about all the things you would say if you were President and making this speech.  Get out there and talk about all the things you want this President to say.  He promised hope and change and finally 3 years into his term, after getting back from vacation, again, he’s giving the speech he said he would give last year after he got home from vacation.

Republican candidates and Hillary, why waste anytime thinking about what to say?  Get out there and say what needs to be said.  You should be out there speaking from a stunned state of amazement that the Teleprompter in Chief is finally able to work in another nationally televised speech.  If he cared about jobs wouldn’t he have devoted any of the time when he enjoyed almost bulletproof majorities in both houses to tackle these pressing issues?

Are not any of you candidates, and Hillary, amazed Obama has managed to find time for this speech?  Sure he plays a lot of golf and takes a lot of state sponsored campaign trips, but he’s finally going to give the jobs speech he’s been promising since before he was elected.  Not only did he offer those who vote for him hope and change he had them believing they would no longer need to make mortgage and rent payments or even pay for gasoline.

Since everyone can count all the times a Republican President decided to end his vacation on time in order to rush into action another prime time teleprompter session this move does make sense.  Plus it’s finally time the Left got back at the Right for all the times either Bush has come out against everything the Left’s President is doing.  It’s only fair the Left exacts revenge on the Right for all the times the Right has committed all these atrocities.

Who can not remember Bush giving so many speeches he forced the networks to say No.  Who doesn’t remember Bush being told No!  No prime time for you?  What about Bush, same thing there too [It is irrelevant that I differentiate since the same thing happened to both].  Hey isn’t it the Left who goes around shouting they’re above all this and better than everyone else?

Republican candidates, and Hillary, this is your chance to show solidarity with the President during his trying times.  Use teleprompters at every campaign stop and in every press conference from now until the day Obama returns from the wilderness.  The wilderness, Martha’s Vineyard, is forced upon Obama and in the wilderness he is forced to conquer more pressing issues than another jobs reading.  Make way for The President; lend him your support, your learned words in hopes you provide him an occasion befit for Caesar.

Republican candidates, and Hillary, the political world until the election has just been handed to you on a silver platter on which there is a solid gold platter on which there is a message written on papyrus made from the Dead Sea Scrolls telling you to wake up and look at the landscape with new eyes.


threelefts commentary about my commentary.

Of course this essay is repetitious with almost every paragraph being eerily similar to the others, it’s about the Obama administration.  When has anything this administration done been any different?


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